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User Obligations And Agreement

You must agree/ confirm/ undertake that Your use of DaDoodle’s Platform shall be strictly governed by the binding guidelines, principle and policies outlined by us. Furthermore, you also agree to not update ,host, display, download, upload, publish, modify, share or transmit any information which may::

  • be misrepresentative/ misleading in any manner,
  • involve transmission of spams, junk mails or chain letters to the masses,
  • be patently offensive to the online community in any manner, such as content that advertise or promotes obscenity, hate message, discrimination, harassment or physical harm of any manner against any entity, person or group,
  • belong to or represent another person/group and on which you do not have any right and/or consent to;
  • Violate or infringe any trademark, patent, copyright and/or other intellectual property rights, trade secrets, rights of privacy and/or shall not be fraudulent activity of any manner such as sale of stolen or counterfeit items.
  • contain viruses, files, programs or any other computer or software code designed/intended to destroy and/or limit functionality of any computer resource.
  • provide instructional, or otherwise, information about illegal activities of any kind such as buying or making illegal weapons, creating or providing computer virus or intruding anyone’s privacy,
  • interfere with any other user’s use of the Platform or any third party’s services and users which may be similar,
  • threaten the integrity, unity, defense, sovereignty and/or security of India, Relations with foreign states, public order, causes incitement to the commission of any criminal offence, prevents investigation of any offence and/or is insulting to any other nation.

You also consent that you shall not try to get unauthorised access to any feature and/or portion of our platform and/or any other networks, systems or any service connected to us through hacking, password mining and/or any other illegitimate means. Furthermore, you will not transfer your account and/or assign any rights/obligations of this User Agreement to any third party without a specific written permission from DaDoodle.

Lastly, this information is clubbed with and in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy and other relevant Guidelines.

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