Fundraising made easy

Fundraising is necessary for most groups, but how do you do it?  How can I get more money than effort?

Let Dadoodle help you!  Here is how our fundraisers work:

Step 1.  Choose your fundraiser style 

You choose what type of fundraiser you would like.  A lot of this decision will be based on the goals of your fundraiser.  We offer two types of fundraiser here.

On-Demand – Everything is made after it is ordered and paid for.

Traditional – Customers purchase the number of items that they assume will work and sell before and after the order comes in.

We can talk through these options in the beginning with you to ensure you are happy with results at the end.

Step 2. Set you dates

This one is easy.  Just tell us when you want to start and stop.  Also, we can set the dates based on hitting a goal that you set.

Step 3. Pick your products

Pick what products, styles, color, etc. that you want to offer… P.S. We can do way more than T-Shirts. 

Step 4. Pick your designs

Have a design – GREAT!  We can show you what that looks like on your products and tweak if necessary.  When bringing the design you are certifying that you have met all legal requirement to use all parts of your design.

Need help with your design – GREAT!  We can help you design eye-catching design that will help sales.

Also, We will discuss individual customization which can get you bigger profits.

Step 5. Pricing is set

We price out all your specifications and determine what the cost is and what price you will charge the end-customer.  You will receive the difference of price – cost at the end of the fundraiser.

Step 6. We agree on everything.  Yeah!

We send you all your seletions in writing to review to agree on and move forward.

 Step 7. We do our magic

Our magic includes:

-Setting up a HTML5 Responsive fundraising site that allows your users to purchase their items on computer, tablet, or mobile phone with credit or debit card.

-Adding your products and messaging to the site.

-Create and send images tailored to the major social sites.

Step 8. You share

This is where you really shine. The more you and your group share the better the results.

Step 9.  People buy the products

Your fans, members, supporters purchase the products.  So that you are in the loop, we give you detailed sales reports.

Step 10. We deliver the products

We will send out the orders. You can select to have the products all shipped to a single location for distribution or we deliver items individually.  Depending on products selected this could be at the end of the fundraiser timeframe or as ordered

Step 11. You get paid

We send you the profits from your sales.  Whew! You did it! A successful and profitable fundraiser.

Any more questions or want to get the process started?  Message us on Facebook Messenger below or fill out the contact form below.  We will be in touch soon. 

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