Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Custom orders are a specialty here at Custom T-Shirts, Custom Sweatshirts, Custom Tanktops, Custom Art, Custom Stickers, Custom Coffee Mugs,Custom Bags, you name it....

 If you have an idea, let us know.  

Here are the top 10 awesome benefits of our custom clothing.

1.  No minimum orders.  Seriously... If you need 1 we can help.

2.  We have like all the colors...  No charge for multiple colors

3.  We can help you with art.  

4. 100's of options for blank clothing.

5.  Got a pic you want printed?  We can do that.

6.  We print on light or dark garments.

7.  Did I mention no minimum orders?  Yeah... well we can also print as many as you need.  Big or small orders are cool with us.  And yes, we give a discount for larger orders!!

8.  Our prints don't feel all weird on you.  There is nothing worse that than have the design on your shirt poke you and makes you feel icky.

9.  Our prints don't come off after a couple of time in the wash cycle.  Our process is rated for 50+ washes. Obviously that is give or take depending on how you treat the garment.

10.  We have 1000's of clip art to help you with your ideas.


11.Well this is a personal reason, but my kid is super cute and has gotten used to eating :)

Feel free to contact us below or on FB Messenger (also below).  We would love to help you in any way we can.




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